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Νούς Tech


  • Software

    Development, deployment and maintenance of specialised solutions for the modern enterprise. Automation of the workflow, Web integration, Mobile apps, Cloud technologies.

  • Hardware

    Programming of embedded systems and nanocomputers. Prototype development.

  • Individual approach

    Custom solutions for unordinary situations. Adaptation of general purpose systems, or development from scratch.

  • Reliability and performance

    Low level programming and classic algorithms for top speed and solid-rock stability.

  • Cost management

    Optimised workflow reduces development and maintenance costs without compromising the quality of service.


  • System architecture

    Hardware and software architectural design and engineering adapted for the deployment target and exploitaion environment.

  • UI/UX

    Intuitive and progressive interfaces adapted to the final user's needs. Modern and classic approaches to web, desktop and mobile user interface and experience.

  • Web presence and marketing

    Customer capture and conversion. Search engine optimisation. Design as a tool for marketing and branding.


  • Infrastructure

    Server applications, cloud and virtualisation systems installation, optimisation and maintenance on the leading hosting platforms or on the client's hardware.

  • Communcations

    E-mail, VOIP, SMS, APNS and Web Notifications.

  • Scaling

    • • Clustered databases, CDN
    • • Load balancing, caching

  • Security

    • • High Availability setup
    • • Geolocation
    • • Anti-hacking and anti-scraping protection
    • • Encrypted networking


  • Optimisation

    Software and hardware audit aimed to reveal possibilities of business process optimisation.

    Recommendations and assistance in improving efficiency of existing technologies.

  • Security

    Noninvasive system security analysis and assistance in improving sensitive information protection, attaining PCI compliance, reducing risks of cyber attacks.

  • Localisation

    Assistance in translation, cultural adaptation and local marketing (select countries only).